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Linux: Show all installed Packages
I'm looking for a command line command that allows me to show all installed packages under Linux (Ubuntu, Debian) so that I...
Question | 1 Answer
macOS: Show hidden Files
How can I display the hidden files in a folder under macOS in the Finder? I know there is a hidden file in the folder, but have...
Question | 1 Answer
Windows: I can not change the extension of a file
I would like to create a batch script on Windows with the file extension BAT. For this, I first created a simple text file (TXT),...
Question | 1 Answer
Windows: File extensions are not displayed anymore
I reinstalled Windows on my computer and suddenly all endings of my files disappeared! As it seems to me, the endings ar...
Question | 1 Answer
How to recover Windows 7 password
My kid changed the admin password of my computer and we lost access to it because my kid can't remember the password...
Open Question | 2 Answers
Linux/Ubuntu: List of files of the current terminal directory
Thanks for the tip on ...
Question | 1 Answer

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NetGuy: You can use the apt tool for this. Just enter the following command into the terminal: apt list...
Question | Linux: Show all installed Packages
NetLabel: Just use the following keyboard shortcut when you've opened the folder: CMD + Shift + . That is, hold down both the...
Question | macOS: Show hidden Files
Guest: Thank you, Bro. This has really worked. My keyboard really have some...
Question | Windows Explorer: Double-Click opens Properties-Dialog
Guest: I've used this with mixed results: (mixed because I've had both complete and partial results, and I've tried with...
Question | Batch Script: Delete File if it exists
Hakserp: Do you have other accounts for your Windows 7, maybe you can get into your Windows 7 with it, otherwise, all you can do is to reinstall...
Question | How to recover Windows 7 password
Computer Expert: Presumably you have enabled the option "hide extensions for known file types" in your Windows. As a result, the TXT extension...
Question | Windows: I can not change the extension of a file

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