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Reading Direction for Comics/Mangas

Western and Korean comics/mangas are usually read from left to right. In contrast, Japanese versions start on the right. In the Asian originals it...

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Different names for manga?

I have recently developed a passion for mangas and read almost everything I can get my hands on. However, I noticed that some works, such as "The...

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Frankfurt Book Fair: Trade Visitor as a Student

I am a student and would like to visit the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse). Now the procedure of the fair is regulated that there are at...

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Difference between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13

Recently, I saw a book on which there were two different ISBN numbers noted. One of them had the addition ISBN-10, the other was titled with ISBN-13....

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Why are there fixed book prices in Germany?

In Germany, each baker is allowed to determine the price of his bread as he wants. Each car dealer is also allowed to specify the prices of his...

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How to find a Name for a Story Character or Location

I love writing books. However, its is always hard and difficult for me to find well fitting names. Let it be the name of my protagonist, various...

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Guest: It's always good to have first the information in the comic/manga how to start reading, rather than just find it out yourselve how it makes...

Tip | Reading Direction for Comics/Mangas

Serika: The Asian comics are called "manga" in Japanese. This designation (the word "manga") has been established in many parts of Europe and the USA due to...

Question | Different names for manga?

Guest: The same applies in the Netherlands. Comes as a shock after the UK. £16.99 = 22 Euro in Holland. But for writers like me that is better. Worked for...

Question | Why are there fixed book prices in Germany?

Guest: All I had to do was to show my student ID card at the cash desk to get my trade visitor ticket. A previous registration was not necessary. Also my...

Question | Frankfurt Book Fair: Trade Visitor as a Student

Companiable78: Until the end of 2016, each ISBN number consists of ten digits. Especially in the English-speaking countries and in Eastern Europe, at sometime,...

Question | Difference between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13

Guest: The fixed book price principle should protect small publishers and bookstores. It should retain the variety of the book market. In countries in which...

Question | Why are there fixed book prices in Germany?

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Different names for manga?

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