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English: "a user" or "an user"?
At school, I have learned to say "an" when the word starts with a vowel and "a" when the word starts with a...
Question | 1 Answer
Frankfurt Book Fair: Trade Visitor as a Student
I am a student and would like to visit the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse). Now the procedure of the fair i...
Question | 1 Answer
Difference between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13
Recently, I saw a book on which there were two different ISBN numbers noted. One of them had the addition ISBN-10, the other was...
Question | 1 Answer
What language is spoken in Belgium?
In which language do Belgians actually speak? It seems to be clear in all other European countries: in Germany people are...
Question | 1 Answer
Online Uppercase - Lowercase Converter
Using this online tool, you can change the upper and lower case writing of a text, a word or a...
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Lord's Prayer in 20 other Languages
Not long ago I was asked how the prayer "Our Father" is sounding translated to another language. That brought me to the idea to...
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Sometimes Less: Indeed, "a user" is correct. The reason: It's not about whether a word is written with a vowel at the beginning,...
Question | English: "a user" or "an user"?
Guest: All I had to do was to show my student ID card at the cash desk to get my trade visitor ticket. A previous registration was...
Question | Frankfurt Book Fair: Trade Visitor as a Student
Companiable78: Until the end of 2016, each ISBN number consists of ten digits. Especially in the English-speaking countries and in Eastern Europe, at...
Question | Difference between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13
Interest: Officially, Belgium has not only one official language but three: Dutch, French and German. These are the languages of the...
Question | What language is spoken in Belgium?
Uncle Claus: Infantry and cavalry are different combat troops, artillery is a weapon species. Infantry  are the foot troops -...
Question | What are infantry, cavalry and artillery?
Guest: The fixed book price principle should protect small publishers and bookstores. It should retain the variety of the book market. In...
Question | Why are there fixed book prices in Germany?

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