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Meaning of NATO and OTAN

As we all know, the NATO logo consists of the two letterings "NATO" and "OTAN". Every time I see this logo I wonder if "OTAN" could have a special...

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German Federal Election: When was the Voter Turnout the highest?

The highest voter turnout of the elections to the German Bundestag was in the 1970s. At that time, the turnout was over 90%. In 1972, Willy Brandt...

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German Federal Election: Candidates for Chancellor since 1949

The following table shows all chancellor candidates of the CDU/CSU and the SPD since the first elections to the German Bundestag in 1949. In...

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Online Word and Character Counter

With this online tool you can determine the number of characters, words and line breaks from any text. To do this, simply copy your text to be...

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Reading Direction for Comics/Mangas

Western and Korean comics/mangas are usually read from left to right. In contrast, Japanese versions start on the right. In the Asian originals it...

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Different names for manga?

I have recently developed a passion for mangas and read almost everything I can get my hands on. However, I noticed that some works, such as "The...

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LoyalRoyal: "NATO" is the abbreviation for the English name "North Atlantic Treaty Organization". In French, the defense alliance is called "Organization du...

Question | Meaning of NATO and OTAN

Guest: It's always good to have first the information in the comic/manga how to start reading, rather than just find it out yourselve how it makes...

Tip | Reading Direction for Comics/Mangas

Guest: The infantry consists of soldiers. The artillery consists of cannons. The cavalry consists of...

Question | What are infantry, cavalry and artillery?

Serika: The Asian comics are called "manga" in Japanese. This designation (the word "manga") has been established in many parts of Europe and the USA due to...

Question | Different names for manga?

Mopsi99: The engraving could stand for "C. Deffner Esslingen". C. Deffner was a metal goods factory from Esslingen am Neckar from 1815 to 1969, and a lot of...

Question | Porcelain Brand: CDE and Golden Shamrock

Nacyee: Chinese's characters and grammars is very difficult. As you asid, they don't have a pattern like English language. Beside of that, they...

Question | How to learn Chinese?

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What's a searching line?

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