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How to learn Chinese?
As I heard, Chinese is one of the most hard-to-learn languages in the world. How to learn Chinese? Is that necessary to hire a...
Question | 2 Answers
Spanish: U instead of O - E instead of Y
In Spanish texts I have already seen several times that for the Spanish word "or" a U is used instead of an O as usual. The same...
Question | 1 Answer
List of Hebrew letters by frequency used
Do you have a frequency of use of Hebrew letters or sounds listed by most to least used? For example, In English:...
Question | 1 Answer
Hebrew Letter or Sound Ranked Usage
Do you have a Ranking List of The Hebrew letters based on usage? For example, in English, the frequency of letters used from Left...
Question | 1 Answer
How long has the Berlin Wall existed?
Again and again, the year 1989 is remembered, in which the Berlin Wall fell. Strangely enough, it is never said when the...
Question | 1 Answer
How much money does a German party get for one vote?
In addition to donations and membership fees, parties in Germany also finance themselves with money from the state. This money...
Question | 1 Answer

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Nacyee: Chinese's characters and grammars is very difficult. As you asid, they don't have a pattern like English language. Beside of...
Question | How to learn Chinese?
LanguageFanatic: Yes, it's very hard to learn Chinese. One problem are the masses of signs Chinese has. It's not just learning 24...
Question | How to learn Chinese?
Guest: The same applies in the Netherlands. Comes as a shock after the UK. £16.99 = 22 Euro in Holland. But for writers like me that is better....
Question | Why are there fixed book prices in Germany?
LanguageFanatic: This replacement always takes place when the word following the conjunction begins with the same letter sound as the conjunction....
Question | Spanish: U instead of O - E instead of Y
Interest: It seems as if you have asked this question twice. Again, you can find a frequency table on this page: ...
Question | Hebrew Letter or Sound Ranked Usage
Interest: Yes, you can find such a list here: Hebrew Letter Frequencies ...
Question | List of Hebrew letters by frequency used

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