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CSS Hacks for the Internet Explorer
In this tip I would like to introduce you to the CSS hacks for the Internet Explorer, with which different CSS rules can be...
Tip | 1 Comment
HTML: ID and CLASS - What is the difference?
Elements within an HTML document can have both an ID and a class. So, for example, <h1 id="idname"> or <h1...
Question | 1 Answer
CSS: Display li elements side by side
I would like to format the li elements of a ul list with CSS so that they appear next to each other instead of under each...
Question | 1 Answer
CSS for <sub> and <sup>
I know the HTML tags <sub> and <sup> to low note or high note a text in HTML. But what is the CSS for this? Ar...
Question | 3 Answers
CSS: Meaning of font-family : serif or sans-serif
From time to time, I am looking in some CSS code for learning purposes and I have often seen "serif" or "sans-serif" as a value...
Question | 1 Answer
CSS: Style for fixed character width font
Is CSS offering any possibility for generally defining a font with a fixed character width for a text? Of course, I could also...
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Computer Expert: I want to note several things about this tip. At first these hacks are nice and good, but I would not use them in practice. Instead,...
Tip | CSS Hacks for the Internet Explorer
Stefan Trost: There is a clear difference between ID and CLASS: an ID is unique, but a CLASS is not. This means that each HTML element may...
Question | HTML: ID and CLASS - What is the difference?
Stefan Trost: The li elements are block elements by default and are therefore displayed one below the other. With display: inline or display:...
Question | CSS: Display li elements side by side
Computer Expert: In principle, I am not a friend of realizing the HTML tags sub and sup with CSS. Finally, sub and sup are tags that have a special meaning...
Question | CSS for <sub> and <sup>
Anja Proggy: You can also define "super" or "sub" in your CSS as value of "vertical-align" and set the text high or low with this. Some browsers even...
Question | CSS for <sub> and <sup>
NetLabel: With CSS you can decide for yourself how high a text should be superscripted or how low subscripted. For example, you can use the following...
Question | CSS for <sub> and <sup>

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CSS Tabulator
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CSS: span with a fixed width
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