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Why is "weeding" with gas burners allowed?
I think it is one of the worst, most perfidious and at the same time easiest to avoid environmental pollution of private...
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Is it possible to mow the lawn when wet?
Lately it had been raining extremely in my region, we barely got to gardening. Unfortunately, our lawn has grown quite a lot...
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From how many degrees is summer?
Slowly it gets warmer outside, you can see that summer is coming. Of course, there is on the one hand the "summer", as defined by...
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Why does the rain smell better in summer than in winter?
Everyone surely knows the beautiful scent of a warm summer rain. You do not want to take cover from the rain but simply...
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Budgies: Differ males and females
Is there actually a way for a budgie to check whether the bird is female or male - so to determine the gender? When I loo...
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Why is the sky blue?
Every child will surely wonder at some point why the sky above us is blue. In this little info, I want to pursue this question...
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Guest: In no case I would mow the lawn while it rains. But even if the grass is wet, I would not recommend it. You can mow wet lawns,...
Question | Is it possible to mow the lawn when wet?
SkyMan: Yes, there is this temperature limit. Officially, starting from 25 °C (77 °F), it is summer and you can speak of summer...
Question | From how many degrees is summer?
Zoo Girl: The gender of a budgie can usually be easily recognized by the color of the beak/nose. Females have a continuous...
Question | Budgies: Differ males and females
For Nature: Of course, the cold is also a reason for the different sensation. After all, the wet water from above looks like a welcome cooling...
Question | Why does the rain smell better in summer than in winter?
Albatross66: Due to the tides, low ebb tide and high flow tide, the water level of the oceans constantly fluctuates. If a whale is on its way near...
Question | Why can a Whale run ashore?
For Nature: The answer to this question is relatively simple. How do plants grow? Of course always to the light! And that's exactly what the...
Question | Why is the banana crooked?

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How heavy are clouds?
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What causes Clouds?
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