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Why is the banana crooked?
This question is often not meant to be very serious and is used as a proverb from time to time. Nevertheless, today I am...
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What causes Clouds?
The origin of any clouds on earth lies in the water on the earth's surface, which can be located, for example, in seas,...
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Why do clouds not fall from the sky?
Thank you for answering my question about the weight of clouds. Although I...
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How heavy are clouds?
When looking at a cloud in the sky, it looks incredibly light and blithe how she floats over there. Nevertheless, cloud...
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Difference between Climate and Weather
Actually, my question is already in the title: What is the difference between climate and weather? Or can you use both terms...
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2 Tricks: How to weigh Cats and Dogs
Large animals such as cats or dogs can hardly be made to stay still on a scale under normal conditions. If you still want to...
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For Nature: The answer to this question is relatively simple. How do plants grow? Of course always to the light! And that's exactly what the...
Question | Why is the banana crooked?
For Nature: The answer to this question again lies in the tiny water droplets forming a cloud. We can not consider the weight of the entire cloud at...
Question | Why do clouds not fall from the sky?
For Nature: Of course, you cannot answer this question in general, because every cloud has a different size and thus may have a different weight and...
Question | How heavy are clouds?
SkyMan: Weather is here and now. Climate is the long-time...
Question | Difference between Climate and Weather
For Nature: Weather is just the current state of the sun, the clouds, the wind, the temperature, the air pressure, the humidity, the rain and so...
Question | Difference between Climate and Weather
Little Tree: I once read, that a normal beech tree in 80 years accommodates about one ton of carbon dioxide. Of course, the beech tree takes up less, if...
Question | How much CO2 does a tree filter out of the air?

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How heavy are clouds?
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What causes Clouds?
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