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Which Font is used by LaTeX und TeX?

Question by Compi | 2017-09-26 at 22:03

Documents created with LaTeX respectively TeX can usually be recognized simply by their special font. Can someone tell me the name of this font?

I would like to install the font on my computer to be able to use it also in other applications and contexts.

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The font used by LaTeX und TeX is called "Computer Modern" and it was developed by Donald E. Knuth.

The font is available in the families "Computer Modern Roman" (with serifs), "Computer Modern Sans Serif" (without serifs) and "Computer Modern Typewriter" (with fixed character width).

If you want to use this font in other programs, you can go to the website http://cm-unicode.sourceforge.net and download the OTF version of the font from the download area. However, the result in other programs will never be as brilliant as if the font was rendered by TeX.
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