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Air Travel: Phones in Hand Luggage?

Question by Guest | 2012-05-27 at 17:29

I am going to travel by plane soon. Can I take a cell phone in my hand luggage during the flight with me or are mobile phones not allowed?

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There should not be a problem with mobile phones as long as they are turned off. However, under circumstances, you have to show the correct function of the phone when checking in, so that the security can see, that you do not have mounted something dangerous into the phone.

In the same way, you can take your laptop with you, only all liquids such as perfume, shampoo and so on are problematic.

However, there may also be differences depending on the destination and the chosen airline. When traveling to the U.S., it is particularly severe. The best thing is, to ask your individual airline sharply before the flight, so that, you can still put the phone into your suitcase in case of problems.
2012-05-30 at 13:45

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