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Air Travel: Why are lightweight passengers not allowed to take more luggage than overweights?

Question by Barbell78 | 2011-11-27 at 15:09

For me, the control at the airports makes little sense: Imagine, there is someone with a body weight of 130 kg standing beside a 50 kg girl. Nevertheless, independent from their weight, both passengers are allowed to carry 20 kg baggage with them.

Logically, in this case, the overweight person would strain the aircraft with 150 kg while the lightweight only 70 kg, less than the half! Who can explain this injustice? In my view, the lighter person should be allowed to take more luggage with them!

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I could well imagine that this is also an eyesore for the airlines. But I think they are calculating with an average weight.

That is, for example, that they simply assume a weight of 80 kg per person. Some are just a little bit lighter, and some a bit heavier, which averages out.

So, this also explains, why there is no one allowed to take more baggage, otherwise this calculation would never come up and in the end, we would be over weighted.
2011-12-03 at 16:19

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You're right. Usually, an average weight of 84 kg per person including hand luggage, is assumed.
2012-07-17 at 18:29

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Honestly, I would not like to announce my weight on a flight or to weigh myself on the airport in the public. For me, the trip would be ruined before it has even started.

Maybe, they want to save these scenes at the airport. In addition, anyway, the check-in already takes too long at the moment. With an additional weighing ceremony, it would take even longer!
2011-12-09 at 17:25

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