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Is there a luggage limit on a cruise ship?

Question by Guest | 2015-01-20 at 22:56

From traveling by plane, we are accustomed that the weight of the suitcase is checked when checking in. Often, only 20 to 25 kilos are permitted, otherwise you have to charge.

But how about cruises? Can you take only a limited amount of luggage on board of the ship? Or does the weight not matter on ships?

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Usually, you can take with you as much as you want. My suitcase has never been weighted on cruise ships. The only thing is, that sometimes your luggage is checked to ensure that you do not import something illegal (for example weapons).

But care about your journey to the ship. If your cruise starts in another country or continent (the Caribbean, Asia, Africa), in most cases, you have to travel to the starting harbor by plane. And of course, in this case, you are subject to the normal restrictions of the aircraft. But if you can reach your port by car or by train, this is not a problem.
2015-01-20 at 13:21

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