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Airplane: Charging Cable allowed in Hand Luggage?

Question by Guest | Last update on 2023-11-30 | Created on 2016-10-05

Is it actually allowed to carry a charge cable (for the smartphone or laptop) with you in handluggage on a flight?

Constantly the battery of my phone is empty, so I would like to take my recharger cable with me on my plane trip in order to be able to eventually recharge it in the duty free zone or perhaps even within the aircraft itself.

However, before experiencing a nasty surprise at the airport, I would like to know how your experiences are. Can you take the charger lead in your hand baggage without any problems?

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Charging cables can be taken along in the hand luggage without any problems.

I have made a lot of journeys and trips and I have never been asked about it. Most times, I just had the cable in my backpack or my hand baggage bag and it always went through the control smoothly.

When I started my last flight, I even saw many people in the waiting area behind the control point charging their phones. So, you are in good company.
Last update on 2023-11-30 | Created on 2016-10-06

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