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Can my computer get the same virus twice?

Question by Guest | 2017-05-21 at 15:01

I am just wondering whether my computer can be infected twice by the same virus. Or is it similar to the human immune system that the computer remembers the viruses it had and therefore cannot run into the risk of getting infected once again by a virus that already has been removed from the computer system?

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If you have not closed the security hole or fixed the vulnerability that the virus has exploitet, the virus will certainly come back again for a second or even third time.

Of course, it depends on how you got the virus. Does your computer have a security gap? Was the virus coming over the browser or an e-mail? Are you using a current and good virus scanner? Are all of your programs and applications up to date and are on of their security flaws fixed? Is the virus probably so far unknown and therefore not detectable by any virus scanner?

If there were some of those or similar problems like that at the time you got the virus and the corresponding problem has been solved in between, maybe the virus has no chance to come back unless it can also take another loophole. I suggest not trying it out.
2017-05-21 at 23:25

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