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Computer overwrites everything! Keyboard broken? Virus?

Question by Guest | 2017-05-22 at 09:29

Since a short time, I have a terribly problem with my keyboard and my computer! That is why I am writing this text using my smartphone.

No matter what and how I am writing, my computer is always overwriting the upcoming characters or letters of the text I am writing in. For example, if I set the cursor between A and B of the text "ABCDE" and I am typing an X, the B is overwritten and instead of my desired result of "AXBCDE", I get the result "AXCDE". If I type another X, the text changes to "AXXDE" instead of normally inserting the characters.

Strangely, all other things are working as expected and like before. First, I thought it could be a virus, but perhaps, only my keyboard is broken. It is even not possible to log into my mailbox, because I cannot type my password in this way!

I am desperate, it does not stops! Did someone already encountered a similar problem with that insert over-writing thing and could find a solution? I am grateful for each help!

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The function, that makes you a hard time and which is making life difficult for you is called Insert/Overwrite switch and it can simply be switched back by just pressing of the key "INS" on your keyboard.

Using the key "INS" you can activate or deactivate the behavior that typed characters are inserted or overwriting the existing text.
2017-05-22 at 20:07

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