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Computer resets the BIOS at startup

Question by FromDenver | 09/08/2019 at 16:12

When I start my computer, I get a message that the BIOS has been reset to its default values. This means that after the start of my operating system, always a wrong time is displayed and I have to set my clock again.

Strangely, this error does not occur when the computer is turned on and I do a reboot. The error especially occurs when the computer has not been used for some time. What could that be?



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Your description indicates that the battery of your motherboard is empty.

When the computer is not connected to the power, the mainboard requires a power supply to save its settings and, for example, the time. When this battery is empty, there is exactly the behavior that you described. Therefore, the error does not occur when restarting or if you still have the computer on the power socket.

I would replace the battery of your motherboard and see if the error then disappears. Most of the time it's a CR2032 battery, but check your motherboard's instructions or the motherboard itself to see whether your motherboard uses a different battery.
09/08/2019 at 19:18

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