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CSS: calc(100%-50px) not working

Question by Compi | 10.03.2016 at 09:13

When I heard about the new CSS calc function for the first time, I really was excited! You can solve so much with that.

The greater was the disappointment when I tried to use it. I applied the width "width: calc(100%-50px)" to an element but it was not working at all! All was the same as before.

Although I am using the newest browser versions and it should work in Firefox since version 16 and in Chrome since version 26, it is working nothing. What am I doing wrong?

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I have also tried it out and it seems as the spaces between the operators are necessary. So, "calc(100%-50px)" is not working but when I am writing it as "calc(100% - 50px)" it is working.

Give it a try, I think that was the problem and it should work after correcting this.
10.03.2016 at 11:19

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Indeed! That was the problem!

Okay, it is strange, but fortunately, it is working now. Maybe, the interpreter needs those spaces to order the parts of the calculations in the right away.
10.03.2016 at 13:06

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