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Delete all Characters up to a certain Character from File Names

Question by Mail Request | 2021-03-23 at 09:27

I would like to delete all other characters from the name of a file up to a certain character (example -).

Before: abc-def.ext
After:  def.ext

Is that possible somehow?

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That is possible with the File Renamer, for example with regular expressions:

In the Search and Replace function:

Search for:   .*?\-(.*)
Replace with: $1

And don't forget to tick the box next to "Interpret  as regular expression".

Important: Since the minus sign - is a character with special meaning within regular expressions, we write \- to escape the character. If this is not the case, for example if we want to delete everything up to an x, the following is sufficient: .*?x(.*)
2021-03-23 at 15:24

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