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Delphi/Lazarus: Convert String to Char

Question by Guest | 02/01/2018 at 08:44

I have a string that I would like to convert to a char, because I can only pass it to a function like that.

Although my string only consists of a single letter, which actually corresponds to a char, the function does not accept my input. Is there any way to change the string to a variable of type Char? Something like c := s ist not possible.



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Similar to an array, you can also access the individual parts of a string.

So for example:

  c: char;
  s: string;
  s := 'A';
  c := s[1];  

Here you have a string with the content "A", which we convert to a char with the content "A".

With s[i] you get the letter at the corresponding position i of s. s[1] would be the first letter of s, because unlike an array, the counting does not begin at 0 but starts with 1.
02/01/2018 at 19:49

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