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Delphi/Lazarus: Show Byte Array as String of HEX Values

Tip by Delphian | Last update on 2021-04-02 | Created on 2018-01-01

When working with Byte Arrays sooner or later the question of visualization raises. Here it makes sense to output the individual bytes in hexadecimal form as a string. In this tip, I want to show you a function that does just that.

In the example we are using the following definition of a byte array:

  TByteArr = array of Byte;

The function goes through the byte array byte by byte and converts each byte value into the corresponding hexadecimal value:

function ByteArrayToHexString(BA: TByteArr; Sep: string = ''): string;
  i, k: integer;

  if Sep='' then begin
     for i:=low(BA) to high(BA) do 
       result := result + IntToHex(BA[i], 2);
  end else begin
     for i:=low(BA) to k do begin
        result:= result + IntToHex(BA[i], 2);
        if k<>i then result := result + Sep;

On the one hand, the function can be called only with a byte array or on the other hand optionally with a separator, which is written between the individual bytes for better readability.

  BA: TByteArr;
  s: string;
  SetLength(BA, 3);
  BA[0] := 65;
  BA[1] := $41;
  BA[2] := %1000001; // this only works in Lazarus

  s := ByteArrayToHexString(BA);        // 414141
  s := ByteArrayToHexString(BA, ' ');   // 41 41 41

In this example, we first create a byte array that is 3 bytes long and then fill it with some values. Then we use our function to output these values.

Load and Save Byte Array

In this context, it is also interesting how to load or save a byte array from respectively to a file.


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