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Difference between All Inclusive, Full Pension and Full Board

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What is actually the difference between "full pension", "full board" and "all inclusive"? Or is there no difference?

As far as I know, full pension and full board comprise all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the price. But "all inclusive" can not even offer more. So what is the difference?

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The terms "full pension", "full board", "board and logging" or even "American plan" are referring to the same think. However, there are the following differences between "all inclusive" and "full pension":

  • Full Pension: The full pension only guarantees you three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). However, "full pension" does not guarantee a binding statement about free drinks. So it may occur that you have to pay the drinks at the meals separately.
  • All Inclusive: All inclusive includes three meals as well as the drinks and possibly other extras (snacks, cakes, leisure activities) in the price. While getting drinks only at the meals with full pension (if any), with "all inclusive", most times you will get your included drinks around the clock, for example, at the pool bar.
  • Full Board: Same as Full Pension.
  • Board and Lodging: Same as Full Pension.
  • American Plan: Same as Full Pension.

Nevertheless, there can be big differences from hotel to hotel, which services are exactly included in the price. Sometimes, for example, you get only free soft drinks at the bar with "all inclusive" and you have to pay extra for cocktails. Sometimes the cocktails are also included in the price.

So, before booking, you should always inform yourself at the organizer what exactly is included and what not.
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