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Difference between iPod and iPhone

Question by Guest | 2017-02-25 at 14:14

I do not really know much about Apple and its products and probably this is the reason why this question has come into my mind. Both, Apple's music player "iPod" as well as Apple's smartphone "iPhone", I only know from friends.

Honestly, for me personally, both devices are always looking quite identically. Is the iPod really built in the same way like the iPhone is, with the only exception that the phone function for making calls is missing? Or what is the exact difference?

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In principle, you are not so wrong with your assumption. In former times, portable MP3 players only war made for listening to music, phones at that time could only be used for phoning.

However, with time, both device categories approximated increasingly: mobile phones became smartphones and suddenly were able to play music, MP3 players got an Internet connection.

Nevertheless, there are some differences:

  • The iPod does not have phone and text message functions
  • The iPod does not have a camera
  • The iPod does not provide navigation and GPS functionality

Actually, the iPhone is not missing any functions, the iPod has. Apart from that, you can install apps on both devices for getting the other functionality that is not hardware dependent.

PS: There are many different iPod models out there, so my answer is not fitting to each iPod you can purchase. For example, the older models or iPods such as iPod nano or iPod shuffle are not providing each mentioned function in full extent. In return, some of the very new iPods even have a camera and GPS so that they are so close to the iPhone as never before.
2017-02-25 at 16:39

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