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Do you have to study to become successful?

Question by Guest | 2018-09-28 at 13:30

Recently, I have discussed with my parents whether you really need to study to be successful later in your life. They insist that it is only possible with a degree and good studies. Is there no other way to do it differently?

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Of course, this is not the only way to succeed, studying is not a guarantee of success. Success in the end depends on you and your own personality. You can succeed with anything. But studying is a recognized testimony to your knowledge and abilities, and not a bad thing. Because it can make your career entry much easier.
2018-09-28 at 17:55

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I would definitely study, depending on the country you want to work in, it is difficult without a good education to get a good job. With studies, you would definitely be a little safer and could focus more on other things later in your life.
2018-09-28 at 23:40

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Of course there are - especially nowadays - many opportunities to be successful without having to rely on a degree. Starting with people who have become millionaires through the right idea on the Internet to musicians and artists who have become famous via YouTube or casting shows and have earned a lot of money.

Nevertheless, I find studying interesting because you can get to know a lot of people and make contacts. That alone would be an argument in favor of studying for me.
2020-08-23 at 23:53

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