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Equivalent to apt-get on OpenSUSE

Question by Guest | 2016-07-18 at 23:55

Until now, I have always used the Linux distribution Ubuntu. However, now, I am sitting at a computer with OpenSUSE and it seems to be different in some points.

At the moment, I fail to install a program via the terminal respectively command line. On Ubuntu, I have used "apt-get install package" and "apt-get-remove package" for this.

There seems to be no apt-get available on OpenSUSE. Perhaps, this distribution is using another package management? What can I do?

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Indeed, OpenSUSE is using another package manager by default.

For installing via terminal you can use the following commands on OpenSUSE:

zypper install package

For deinstalling this one:

zypper remove package

What apt-get is for Ubuntu is zypper for OpenSUSE.
2016-07-19 at 19:07

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