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Google Chrome: Incorrect certificate for host

Question by Jonas100 | 2016-10-12 at 23:22

When I tried to sign in my Google Account using Google Chrome today, suddenly the following error appeared:

Incorrect certificate for host

The server presented a certificate that doesn't match built-in 
expectations. These expectations are included for certain, 
high-security websites in order to protect you.

server's certificate appears to be a forgery.

Yesterday, everything still worked and I can assure you that I do not have changed anything on the Google Chrome settings or my computer!

Even restarting the computer or loading the website via another URL didn't help me. Now I'm stumped - do I maybe have a virus on my computer? Finally the error message is telling me something about a forgery!

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That is sounding like you are using a very very old Google Chrome? Can this be?

Please update your browser or install the newest version of Google Chrome from scratch, then it should work again.
2016-10-13 at 13:22

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You are right! Now it is working! I was on the road with the old Google Chrome 15 *shame*, but now I have the newest version and everything is working like it should.

I already wondered why all of those instructions from the Internet were not working with my old browser. In the old version, this new 3-stripes-menu at the top right was not yet introduced, the newest version has it! Thanks again!
2016-10-13 at 16:54

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I have the same problem and again the reason seems to be the old version! Unfortunately, I cannot initialize the update because there is always coming an error message instead of the page... Any suggestions?
2016-11-03 at 18:15

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It was the same with my browser. The update function from the browser was not working anymore.

I just have deinstalled the entire browser completely and then I have installed it new from scratch.

Of course, you should not forget to back up important bookmarks and so on.
2016-11-04 at 00:44

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