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Google: How to open Google.com from outside the US?

Question by Guest | 2014-10-20 at 10:31

Currently, I am on a trip through Europe. I am really surprised that I have not been faced with any problems here despite one thing I could not imagine that there will arise any problems from.

I am talking just about simply using a Google search. Whenever typing google.com into the browser, I am redirected depending on the country I am traveling in. For example, when being in Germany, I am redirected to a the German Google version google.de, when searching from France, I can only get to google.fr and so on. Unfortunately, I cannot speak any of those languages so that I would like to use just google.com from the US.

On the Internet, I have found some tricks to get to google.com, but nothing had worked. For example, one page set to visit http://www.google.com/ncr, but this link is not working for me. I have also asked some Germans and they told me, that there was a link to google.com in the footer of google.de, but today, this link seems to be removed.

What is happening there? Why does Google keep me away from my home US version and why is there this terrifying redirection?

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I can still access google.com from Germany using the following link:


However, you have to keep in mind, that Google still can recognize you because of your foreign IP address and therefore probably you are not getting the original results from the USA. So, if you do not only care about the language, you should try a proxy server to access Google from an American IP. If you only want to have Google in English, the link should be fine.
2014-10-20 at 14:48

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