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How deep is Lake Garda?

Question by Guest | 2018-03-26 at 19:40

Nobody will ever believe me! My wife and I went on vacation and we were swimming in Lake Garda. While we swim in the water there is such a desire in me...

You can certainly imagine what I mean. No? I urgently needed to go to the bathroom. The stew at lunch was really too much for my sensitive intestine. I had to tense everything possible and could barely swim.

My wife tried to pull me ashore but slipped off and my wedding ring went down. My wife was upset about why I was going to fuck up like this and I should see how we get the ring back.

Now to my question. How deep is this lake? I'm just trying to figure out the chances I have of getting the ring back.

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Oh my God, as if it was not bad enough that something like that happens to you - why the wedding ring of all things?

On average, Lake Garda is 136 m deep, the deepest point even 346 m! I wish you lots of air and success in fishing and diving. I think you need a long breath!

However, you will certainly be able to narrow down the area where the ring is located. If it's somewhere on the edge, the chance to find it is certainly higher and there the lake is not that deep.
2018-03-27 at 16:11

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