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How to maintain friendship?

Question by Kamila | 2019-09-19 at 09:30

I am not that kind of person who like to share everything online and sometimes I just want to be alone. That doesn't mean I am hard to be around. Deep inside of me, I am very friendly. But it takes a time to get familiar with me and know who am I. I am afraid I would make no friend at all. Do I need to change?

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Do not change yourself. I can assure you that you will be not happy with that situation.

Instead, you should search for friends like you. People that are quiet, too. People that do not need to go to a party every night. People thinking like you and with which you can meet on the same level.

Those people will understand you. They will also need some time to get familiar and so it will be okay for both of you. It makes no sense to get involved with extrovert people who will make things different to you. You would have to play a role to simulate being like them. That cannot go well over time.
2019-09-19 at 23:46

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I am very appreciated your help. What you said is really help me think out of the box. Sometimes, I try to be extrovert around strangers and it doesn't feel comfortable. As you said, it's quite important to find some friends like myself, which makes us both happy. Thank you.
2019-09-27 at 05:09

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