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How fast are you allowed to drive on a Bicycle Road / Fahrradstraße?

Question by Guest | 2018-03-24 at 13:27

Here in my village, now the first bicycle road has opened. The uncertainty of the population is great. How fast do you actually drive there? What happens when it is being flashed there and nobody knows what is allowed?

They just put the blue sign with a bike on it there with the subtitle "Bicycle Road" - "car traffic free" ("Fahrradstraße" - "Kfz-Verkehr frei"), no one was informed about the consequences.

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The maximum speed allowed on a bicycle road or Fahrradstraße is 30 km/h for all vehicles. This means that even cyclists must adhere to this speed limit (although it is unclear how they should do it without a speedometer duty).

Since cyclists always have priority over cars on this road, motorists may also need to choose lower speeds to ensure not to hinder or endanger the cyclists.

Incidentally, in Austria, the legal basis cam be found in § 67 StVO Fahrradstraße (3): Die Lenker von Fahrzeugen dürfen in Fahrradstraßen nicht schneller als 30 km/h fahren. Radfahrer dürfen weder gefährdet noch behindert werden. - The drivers of vehicles may not drive faster than 30 km/h in bicycle lanes. Cyclists may not be endangered or disabled.

In Germany, first, it was only stated to comply with a "moderate speed". After a motorist had cycled a bicycle road at 43 km/h, should pay a fine and complained, the Oberlandesgericht Karlsruhe (Higher Regional Court Karlsruhe) decided that in a bicycle road 30 km/h can be regarded as moderate speed (AZ 2 Ss 24/​05).
2018-03-24 at 20:31

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