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How long does it take for pressure marks of clothing to disappear from the skin?

Question by Guest | 2018-03-26 at 19:17

Tight jeans, a bra, socks, thongs or other tight clothes often leave imprints such as incisions, pressure marks or points on the skin - for example in form of red or white stripes.

Is there any rule of thumb, how long does it take to no longer see the stripes on the body? I have a model photo shoot and I want to know how long I can not wear tight clothing before, so that the photos are not spoiled.

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Unfortunately, there is no absolutely exact rule of thumb that the stripes and bruises automatically disappear after a specific number of minutes. This depends on too many factors.

For example, the duration depends very much on the state and condition of your skin (age, blood flow, connective tissue, water retention, muscles, or whether you're doing fitness training), and of course it depends on how tight the clothes you are wearing are. The tighter, the deeper they cut in and the longer the marks remain visible.

It will usually take at least 5 minutes, at most 45 minutes, on average around 20 minutes, until you can not see any of the marks on your skin anymore.

Of course, it would also be helpful to simply wear loose non-incising clothing and a wide bra, if you are on the way to the shoot, then you automatically avoid extreme pressure points. If you have a good photographer, he should point that out to you on his own or, if necessary, give you the time you need till you can no longer see any of the prints. And if everything does not help - the photos are usually processed anyway afterwards - the graphic designer just has something more to do.
2018-03-27 at 18:44

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