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Tight Jeans making Marks on Skin - Bad?

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I like wearing tight jeans very much and when taking them off, sometimes I have lots of marks on my skin. They are everywhere where the seams of the jeans had been. So, for example a long "print" or "impression" along the leg seam on the side of my legs. The same in the area of my hips.

Now, I wonder: Do you have that too? Is it bad or unhealthy? Or is it not necessary to care or worry about this? Finally, after a few minutes, the traces of the seams are disappeared again.

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Do not worry about this. I have this, too. And also all of my female friends. This is totally normal and should not be a problem.

If you wake up in the morning, often it is the same when you have some imprints of the bedclothes on your skin. They go away quickly and are not a problem at all. As long as you like your jeans and you are feeling comfortable in them, I would not worry about the marks.
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I've such impressions always from socks, this is completely normal.

I'm now wearing jeans making prints after wearing for many years (I'm a bit older) - and never something bad has happened. I'm still living healthy and without any discomfort.

So, I guess you are worrying for no reason.
2014-03-18 at 20:22

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