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I get emails that are addressed to the sender

Question by Shop Me | 01/07/2012 at 15:41

Newly, I often get e-mails, that are only addressed to their sender (as recipient of the email, the address of the sender of the mail is used). Otherwise, there is nothing written in the mail, also my own e-mail address appears nowhere in the mail or the mail header.

Actually, I would think, that the mail should be addressed to my address and not to the sender. Can someone explain this craziness to me?



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This fact has the following simple reason: As it is also recommended by me in my tip for sending e-mails to multiple recipients, you should, if you send emails to multiple recipients, not write all of the recipients in the field for receivers - because otherwise everyone can see the long list of your customers or to whomever you are writing.

Instead, you should address the email to yourself and write the list of recipients in the BCC field. The list of BCC recipients remains invisible. This causes, that the other recipients can not see to whom else the email was sent. 

If you now get such an email, you can not see anyone from the recipients list (even not your own email address, which is also included in this list) but instead only the sender's address, because the sender has specified his mail address according to the procedure described above (more to the sense of it in my linked tip).

Presumably, therefore, this should happen mainly with emails addressed to large recipient lists, such as newsletters and similar circulars.
03/07/2012 at 20:26

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