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Java: Check if String only contains Numbers

Question by Guest | 2016-08-04 at 23:44

Is is there any possibility in Java to determine whether a string only contains numbers (digits from 0 to 9)?

I would like to test some user input before further processing and to show an error message if necessary.

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You can just use the function .isNumeric(). A string can be passed to this function and you get TRUE or FALSE as a result depending on the content of the string:

if (StringUtils.isNumeric("123")) {  // true


if (StringUtils.isNumeric("ABC")) {  // false


if (StringUtils.isNumeric("1 3")) {  // false


In this example, accordingly, only "123" would result in TRUE because the strings "ABC" and "1 3" are not only consisting of digits.
2016-08-05 at 13:04

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