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Latex is not shiny

Question by Guest | 22/10/2016 at 20:08

I wanted to surprise my boyfriend and so I have ordered a latex catsuit from the Internet (I know that he is into clothing like that).

Since a couple of days I have been waiting for the arrival of the package and now it finally happened. However, my disappointment came at the same time. The latex does not have any glance, sheen, gloss or shininess at all, it is looking like dirty dull and matt plastic, there is even such a ugly white powder all over it. Even the pool liner in our garden is more shiny than that!

What can I do now? Do I have ordered something wrong? I had an exact look at the product on the Internet again and there its appearance is wonderful glossing! Why is my latex looking different? When I am trying to show me in this mad suit to my friend he will laugh at me!



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Do not worry, this is completely normal. When buying new latex, most times it is powdered with talcum to ensure that it does not stick together. That is the white powder you have described.

The latex only becomes shiny after treating it with silicone spray or silicone oil. At this point, it is important that you cannot take each arbitrary oil or spray! You should only use oils or sprays that are especially made for latex treatment. Especially baby oil or something like that can quickly destroy the latex! You can find latex oils and latex sprays in the appropriate shops where you also can purchase latex clothes.

Personally, I rather recommend using the oil, because the spray is rapidly depositing everywhere in your room and you can quickly slip and fall on it because each surface becomes very slippery with it. You will be amazed how fast the latex will get another look as soon as you have rubbed it with the oil.
23/10/2016 at 13:22

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