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Why do some people wear their belts tight?

I love pulling my belt tight. It gives me such a lovely feeling inside. I don't wear a tight belt that can be seen, if it is very tight. I often...

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What is an Ankle Jeans?

Recently a saleswoman spoke of a so-called "ankle jeans". Of course, I did not dare to ask anyone in the business what that could be. That's why I...

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Tights do not hold and rip quickly! What can I do?

I have a serious problem! Tights usually do not hold an evening for me and like to tear, which of course is not nice! I always take extra 2 spare...

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What does bra size "D-DD" mean?

Bra Size Guide listed 38D, 38 D-DD, and /or38 DD! So what is "D-DD"? If one has one breast sized D and the other...

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Longer Jeans to High Heels?

Yesterday I had a discussion with my best friend. It was about the optimal length of a pair of pants or jeans when wearing high shoes. I own some...

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Should I tighten my belt to look slimmer?

I'm really not fat, but sometimes I have a small tummy, especially after eating. Now I wonder, if you can not counter this with a tight belt. I...

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Sponx: You will quickly get used to the tighter fit and will want it to stay that tight! As my jeans stretch back to its normal size after a while, I miss...

Question | Jeans too tight after washing

Sponx: I think you get used to it simply by doing it often. Once used to it there’s nothing uncomfortable about it. It’s actually quite...

Question | Get used to tight jeans

Sponx: It’s a word many people like to use to point out when someone is wearing very tight jeans etc specially if they don’t like it themselves, I find....

Question | What are Muffin Top Jeans?

Sponx: I do this! I’m always told I tighten my belts too much but I get that constant feeling inside me that I like. None of my friends seem to get...

Question | Why do some people wear their belts tight?

Guest: I think you self give the answer to your question. They do so because it is a lovely...

Question | Why do some people wear their belts tight?

Guest: Its simple.. Open laces wide so corset fits easily round your waist. grab the puller loops at the waist and heave away untill your happy. cross the...

Question | Can I self-lace a corset?

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Jeans too tight after washing

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