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Linux/Ubuntu: How to navigate through directories in the Terminal

Question by Guest | Last update on 2021-07-06 | Created on 2016-09-28

Unfortunately, Linux is still a closed book for me. Last time, I have failed at the so-called Terminal application. I am indeed able to open this program, but somehow, for me, it is not possible to open or change any directory or navigating through directories and folders and all.

Can someone help me? How is it possible to enter a specific folder and how do I get out again to invoke the upper containing folder of the current dir?

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The most important command for navigating through directories is "cd". "cd" stands for "change directory".

The following should get you further:

  • You can enter a folder with "cd FolderName"
  • You can go one folder up with "cd .."
  • The Explorer like "back-button" is "cd -"
  • Using "cd" alone or with typing "cd ~" you get to your home directory
  • With "cd /" you come to the root directory
  • With "cd ~/Desktop" you can go to your desktop folder in your home directory
  • You can go multiple folders deeper with "cd Folder1/Folder2/Folder3"
  • Or by specifying the path beginning with the root directory: "cd /Folder1/Folder2"

I hope I could help you.
Last update on 2021-07-06 | Created on 2016-09-28

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