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Meaning of MS in the name of a Ship

Question by Mandy | 2016-09-27 at 12:32

I have noticed that a striking number of ships are having the abbreviation MS before or in their name. For example there are the cruise ships MS Deutschland, MS Europa or MS Delphin for only mentioning three ship names.

Does this MS has any special meaning or what does it stand for?

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MS is the shortcut for motor ship and so it provides information about the engine or drive of a ship. Sometimes, you also write M/S instead of MS.

Next to MS (Motor Ship) also the abbreviation MV (Motor Vessel) is often in use.

Other similar abbreviation are:

  • CS (Club Ship)
  • CV (Container Vessel)
  • FB (Ferry Boat)
  • NS (Nuclear Ship)
  • RV (Research Vessel)
  • SS (Sailing Ship or Steam Ship)
  • SY (Sailing Yacht)
  • TS (Turbine Steamer)

However, those abbreviations are not always used consistently.
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