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Program freezes/stalls -- too much data?

Question by Guest | 2020-04-30 at 05:18

I have a very larger folder with over 50,000 files. 

Sometimes I can upload it, but it stall when I try to display certain fields -- like the Check Sums field. If I first click all the fields that I want to display, then drag in the folder, the program usually stalls/freezes before it fully uploads.

Is there a maximum number of files or amount of data that can be processed at once? What do you recommend? Grateful for any help or suggestions. 

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It depends.

There is no hard limit set in the program. But the limit is the memory of your computer and whether you are using the 32 bit or 64 bit version of the program (32 bit can address less memory).

It also depends on the files and the columns. If those are 50,000 video files with some giga byte of data and for each of those files the check sum has to be processed (which mean every byte must be read and calculated), it will be more work than just reading the file date for which the file has not to be attached.
2020-04-30 at 16:13

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I've seen this "It depends." answer in other questions.

Is possible in a future version there could be a User input allowing us to set an upper-limit of returns? I have frequent freeze ups with my searches as well. Would be nice to say get the first "ten hits" then if the ten are returned, at least its known the search criteria is fine... its maybe a volume issue.
2023-09-11 at 05:41

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You mean for the Search Folders Filter?
2023-09-12 at 01:40

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