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Remove Crayon from Woodchip Wallpaper

Question by Guest | 2018-07-01 at 13:22

My child is well on the way becoming a great artist. Unfortunately, he does not stop in front of our wallpaper, probably he sees in the wallpaper a huge canvas.

In order not to stifle the artistic talent, of course, we do not say anything against it, but we still want to remove some artwork from here and there. We have a woodchip wallpaper and with an eraser you can hardly erase the crayon drawings. Rather, we destroy the wallpaper with doing that. Is there any ingenious household tip, what can you do there?

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Even if it sounds strange, painting with crayons can best be removed with toothpaste from a woodchip wallpaper.

  1. Apply toothpaste onto the drawings
  2. Wait a minute
  3. Just wipe the paintings off

The ingredients of the toothpaste are ideal to remove the crayon from the wallpaper.
2018-07-01 at 16:38

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