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Smartphone: What is the Data Usage Warning?

Question by Guest | Last update on 2021-11-17 | Created on 2013-10-26

Sometimes, my Android phone is showing a so-called data usage warning. On the one hand, it comes with a triangle with an exclamation mark inside shown in the status bar and on the other hand with a message appearing in the notifications visible when putting down the bar.

I have a mobile internet flat rate for my phone, so I wonder why this warning is displayed at all. Because, normaly, I am allowed to consume as much data traffic as I would like. Or does this warning mean something else? Can anyone tell me what this data usage warning is for?

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The data usage warning has nothing to do with your mobile phone contract or your flat rate. Instead, you can freely set a limit in your cell phone from which data volume on an information should be shown indicating that this limit you have set has exceeded. This is for your information only, it has not an impact on your Internet speed or your Internet connection.

If you click on "data usage warning" in the notifications area or you go to the settings and then on "data usage" alternatively, you can see a diagram showing the progress of your data usage for the current month.

In this diagram, there is a slider that you can slide up or down. This slider determines at which point the data usage warning is displayed. You can freely select a random value or move the bar so high that it is never reached and therefore the warning is also hidden.

Personally, I always keep the bar at the 0 MB limit, so that the notification is always displayed. This makes me going to the chart quickly and looking at my data contingent as fast as possible. Of course, it is up to you, how you are using this function. Again, this has no effect on your Internet connection at all.
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Does it have any effect on the game's texting or calling?
2018-08-17 at 05:04

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