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Straight Talk: APN change to Samsung Infuse i997 phone

Question by Mary Lou Weyer | 07/11/2013 at 19:18

I am confused. I have used many APN settings to change to Straight Talk. I could not get it to work! Then I was out last night and all of a sudden an H+ showed up in my bar and now the internet works! What happened? Does Straight Talk now work and will continue to work or will the H+ go away?

Plus there is a funny looking sign there too. There are two of these side by side |> The line joins those two with another one in back of them. What does this mean?



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The behavior, you are talking about, could have several reasons.

Perhaps, if you read change to Straight Talk not long ago, it took some time until your SIM was activated and this was the moment, your Internet connection started working.

Another reason could be, that you do not have a good mobile reception at your place. As long as you where at home your smartphone was not able to connect because of the bad reception and the time you went out, you came to an area with a better reception so that it was possible to get the H+.

Of course, this are only speculations. You should watch the behavior for some time and if it is not going better, you should contact your dealer.
08/11/2013 at 02:51

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And about the symbol: At the moment, I cannot imagine exactly, what icon you have seen there. But perhaps, it could be the symbol for a firmware update. Is there something else mentioned in the notifications next to the symbol?
08/11/2013 at 02:54

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