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Talk from mobile phone to mobile phone abroad

Question by Guest | 2012-06-20 at 18:29

Soon it goes into the family holiday abroad. I wonder, whether we can use our cell phones there, too (apart from the costs) and how this is working? Can we simply use the normal number or how is it possible to call each other there? So, I think I can not use the contry code of my home country, because both mobile phones are used abroad!

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Don't worry, it's possible. If you want to call abroad a mobile phone number of your home country, you also have to dial the number together with the conutry code of your home country. And that even if also the phone you are calling is abroad! You can, after all, do not know where the phone is located at the moment, you are calling. And if you are in your home country, you are also not calling the cell phones with the local area code of the current town, the mobile is just located in.

The dialing code for the United Kingdom, for example, is 0044. So, if you would like to call a mobile phone with a number beginning with 07903, you have to dial the number 00447903.. or +447903. Ideally, you already have stored all numbers in your phonebook with +44 as a prefix, then nothing can go wrong. If you save numbers, that have called you, with all phone models I know, the number will already be saved with the correct prefix. Of course, there is a difference, with numbers, you have entered manually. But of course, you can also look up all numbers you will probably call in your holidays, so that they are saved with the correct country code in your phonebook.

If you should directly call the number 07903.. without the country code, you land in the country in which you are currently present. And who knows, who you then will have in the line. In luck, maybe, a holiday love.
2012-06-23 at 13:25

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