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What does "CDMA" stand for in regard to cellular phone service?

Question by Guest | 2016-01-25 at 20:55

Two standards exist for US cell service consumers - GSM like AT&T and TMobile and CDMA for Verizon and Sprint.

While GSM is well covered here - a search for CDMA returns no search results.

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Yes, you are right. CDMA is an abbreviation for "Code Division Multiple Access" and it is a method with which you can send the data from several transmitters simultaneously via only one single communication channel.

So it is just a kind of network standard, for example used for mobile communication (like GSM what is also such a standard). Moreover, CDMA is also used for GPS. Even UMTS is based on CDMA.

However, what do you exactly want to know about it? Perhaps I can write some articles about it. What topics are you interested in? What questions do you have?
2016-01-28 at 02:38

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