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What is coming after Terabyte?

Question by Mopsi99 | Last update on 2021-05-04 | Created on 2015-01-11

In ascending order, there are the units Byte, Kilobyte (KB), Megabyte (MB), Gigabyte (GB) and Terabyte (TB), we all know. With hard drives, memory sticks and other memory devices growing bigger and bigger, we have always learned the next bigger unit.

But what can we expect after Terabyte? Does anyone have looked into the future? How will the next hard drives look like?

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Here is a small overview of different byte units starting at Kilobyte up to Yottabyte. Behind, you can find the corresponding abbreviation for each unit and the conversion to the nearest smaller unit in brackets.

  • Kilobyte, KB (1024 Bytes)
  • Megabyte, MB (1024 Kilobytes)
  • Gigabyte, GB (1024 Megabytes)
  • Terabyte, TB (1024 Gigabytes)
  • Petabyte, PB (1024 Terabytes)
  • Exabyte, EB (1024 Petabytes)
  • Zettabyte, ZB (1024 Exabytes)
  • Yottabyte, YB (1025 Zettabytes)

What do you think, will we ever hold a Yottabyte hard drive in our hands?
Last update on 2021-05-04 | Created on 2015-01-11

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The next units are: petabytes (PB), exabytes (EB), zettabytes (ZB) and the last one is yottabytes (YB).
2015-01-12 at 10:27

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