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PrintMyFonts is not printing all fonts - What can I do?

Article by Stefan Trost | Last update on 2018-01-17 | Created on 2017-05-24

I got a few mails that my application PrintMyFonts sometimes does not print all of the desired fonts. Sometimes it only prints the first pages and then it stops.

Update: Meanwhile, I have found a solution that should solve the problem and is enabled by default in program versions from January 17, 2018. Read more about that in the last section of this article.

PrintMyFonts Versions before January 17, 2018

I have tested the program on separate systems including Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux, but unfortunately, I could not reproduce this behavior. Nevertheless, of course, I want to figure out, what the problem could be and therefore, I opened this topic today.

Before coming to this discussion, I want to provide a first workaround that seems to work in almost all cases.

Workaround 1

In the main window, you can find the options "Which export format should be used?". Instead of using the "Print" option, select "RTF-Document" and click on "Export". An RTF document containing the the font list will be created that can be opened with Microsoft Word, Open Office or even WordPad. When opened in one of that applications, use the print function there for printing all of your fonts.

Workaround 2

One girl wrote an e-mail that she had the same issue and the fonts were only printed up to the letter F. She updated the printer driver and after that the printer printed all fonts correctly. I do not know whether this could help others, but I want to mention it, because perhaps it can help.

What is the reason?

As I have written above, I do not know what can cause the problem. For most people the program is working as expected and also I could never reproduce this behavior.

However, of course, I want to fix it, even if the reason is hard to find. Here are some ideas: Perhaps, it is because of a corrupted font that can not be handled by the printer or that is for screen use only and the printer stops at the point the font is reached. Perhaps, it is something with the printer. The girl who updated the printer driver could prove that.

Do you have any other idea? Do you have any idea how to reproduce this behavior on every computer? Please leave a comment and help to find the reason.

PrintMyFonts Versions after January 17, 2018

After some users have told me that even printing via Word or OpenOffice led to a strike of the printer for some fonts, I have developed a new solution that is activated by default since versions after January 17, 2018 in PrintMyFonts. It is the option "Print Fonts as Image", which can be found in the settings on the tab "Print".

If this option is activated, every time a font is to be printed, an image is created internally in the program first, onto which the font is written. Then, only this image is sent to the printer for  printing, instead of that the printer has to render the font for itself like it was before (or is the case if the option is disabled).

This has the advantage that the printer can no longer break off due to faulty fonts. Also, when printing on a physical printer, there should be no quality difference between enabling or disabling the option because the images created are always adjusted to the printer's current DPI settings.

However, there are differences when printing through a PDF printer. If the option is deactivated, the font is actually given as text to the printer and ideally embedded in the PDF document. This allows the text in the document to be marked and zoomed in as close as you like. All this is not possible with a printout as a picture, because the embedded font images have a limited resolution (these can usually be adjusted in the settings of the PDF printer and increased if necessary).

If you do not want to go without these advantages, you have to deactivate the option "Print Fonts as Images" and thus restore the old behavior. If the Adobe PDF printer is used, you should enable the option "Rely on System Fonts only; do not use document fonts" in its settings, since deactivating this option may also lead to incorrect printing.


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