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What is the meaning of superscript corners ^^ as smiley?

Question by Guest | 2013-12-24 at 03:05

Since some times ago, I am together with my sweetheart and he has the curious whim to put two superscript corners behind each of his messages, namely the characters ^^. I think this character is called circumflex or accent.

At his first text message, I thought that he has just made a typing error. But now, I think, there seems to be a system behind it.

Finally, I dared to ask him about the meaning of those characters. Unfortunately, he got the giggles and said, everyone knows the meaning of this smiley. After that I no longer felt confident in asking more questions.

But at least, I knew that ^^ should be a smiley. Does anyone know a lot about smileys and can tell me what this smiley means?

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The ^^ Smiley is a Japanese Smiley, but increasingly becoming common here too. The Japanese smileys are not on the side like :) or ;) but watching quite straight on.

The ^^ should display two laughing narrowed eyes, so the smiley means something like *gg* haha, :D or xD. Often the smiley is used to emphasize the gaiety or the joy of the statement in front of it.
2013-12-24 at 03:27

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