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When is "Sonnabend"?

I am new to Germany and my colleagues told me that we will meet on "Sonnabend" respectively "nächsten Sonnabend". Up to that invitation, I thought,...

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Female Term for Gentleman

Is there actually a female counterpart for gentlemen? You could of course create a word like gentlewoman or gentlewomen, but that sounds kind of...

Question | 2 Answers

How to address a Hermes Shop?

I have ordered something on eBay and now the seller is ready to send the goods to me with a package from Hermes. So far, I have always used the...

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What does the 72 in the South Curve of Bayern Munich mean?

Whenever watching football with FC Bayern Munich on television and the camera shows the fans in the south curve (Südkurve), you can see a 72 on...

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Are you really lighther at the equator than at the North Pole or South Pole?

When I got excited about my weight for the last time, a colleague told me not to complain but to just weigh myself at the equator instead of here,...

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Memory Hook: Which months have 31 days?

Somehow I am not able to remember how many days each month has. Sure, if a calendar is in front of me, I can read it and that February plays a...

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Guest: The Südkurve München (South Curve of Munich) was founded that...

Question | What does the 72 in the South Curve of Bayern Munich mean?

SkyMan: With Sonnabend, the weekday Saturday is meant. Translated a bit freely, you can translate Sonnabend with "Vorabend von Sonntag" (the eve of Sunday),...

Question | When is "Sonnabend"?

Larosso: The traditional role of a gentleman is actually male, which is why there is no real equivalent for a female gentleman. Of course one often speaks of...

Question | Female Term for Gentleman

FromDenver: The female equivalent for Gentleman is Lady. That is also the reason for saying „Ladys and...

Question | Female Term for Gentleman

Guest: Oh sure, you can! If e.g. Amazon sent a package to the Hermesshop, then only with the name and not the actual address. But: Hermes wants the passport...

Question | How to address a Hermes Shop?

Guest: You will probably need something to pick up your package, a text message, an e-mail, etc.! Hermes also gives notifications when the shipment is...

Question | How to address a Hermes Shop?

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