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Where is the Shift-Key on the Keyboard?

Question by Guest | Last update on 2021-02-03 | Created on 2015-03-08

Again and again I am reading instructions on the Internet containing keyboard shortcuts. Often, the key combinations are including a so-called Shift Key.

However, I cannot find a key with this name on my computer keyboard (I can only find CTRL, ESC, INS, DEL, ALT and ALT GR but not SHIFT). Do I have to purchase a special shift keyboard or where can I find my personal shift key?

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The shift key is the key that is used together with a letter key to write an uppercase letter.

The symbol on the key is an upward white filled arrow: ⇧

In whole, you can find two shift keys on your keyboard. One is located at the left side directly above the CTRL key, the other can be found on the right side between the ENTER and CTRL keys.
2015-03-09 at 20:11

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