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Which video games are similar to Watch Dogs Legion?

Question by Guest | 2023-08-03 at 18:48

Hi there. I search for games that allow the player to customize the character and recruit other characters.

It should be possible to make female characters only and freerun in a sandbox city, forest and other environments.

Other games I played are: Assassins Creed Odyssey, Valhalla and The Sims 4.

All allow to play as a female character, dress up or customize this character and add other female characters to your team.

I didn't like the story in ACO, Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion but this gameplay feature is very nice. Maybe you know other games like that, preferable are games without any sexualization of the characters. More army or warrior stylization.

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Sure! Here are some games that could fit your criteria:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn: This action role-playing game allows you to play as Aloy, a skilled hunter in a post-apocalyptic open world. You can customize Aloy's appearance and recruit various characters to aid you in your quest. The game offers a stunning environment to explore, including forests and vast landscapes.
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Set in feudal Japan, this action-adventure game lets you play as Jin Sakai, a samurai on a quest to defend his homeland. While you can't customize Jin's appearance, the game provides various armor sets that can be upgraded. You can also recruit companions known as "Ghost" to assist you in battles. The game offers a beautiful island environment to explore.
  • Fallout 4: In this post-apocalyptic RPG, you can create a highly customizable character, including choosing their gender, appearance, and skills. You can recruit companions throughout the game who have their unique abilities and storylines. While the environment isn't a sandbox city, it does feature a vast open world with different terrains.
  • Saints Row IV: Although this game is more on the comedic side, it offers extensive character customization and the ability to recruit a diverse range of characters to join your crew. It is set in a sandbox open world city where you can freely roam and engage in various activities.
  • Dragon Age - Inquisition: This epic fantasy RPG allows you to create and customize your own character, including choosing their gender and appearance. You can recruit a party of companions, each with their storylines and abilities, to fight alongside you in a vast world filled with forests, ruins, and other environments.

These games should provide you with the ability to customize characters, recruit companions, and explore diverse environments without sexualization.
2023-08-03 at 22:10

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There are several games that allow players to customize their character and recruit other characters. Here are some popular examples:

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition: In this action RPG, players can create their own customized character from different classes, races, and appearance options. Throughout the game, players can recruit various party members with unique skills and personalities.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: This open-world RPG allows players to create and customize their character, including their appearance, skills, and abilities. Players can also recruit followers and companions who can assist them on their quests.
  • Mass Effect series: In these sci-fi action RPG games, players can customize their own character and make choices that affect the storyline. As the game progresses, players can recruit different squad members, each with their own skills, backgrounds, and stories.
  • Fallout series: These post-apocalyptic RPG games offer extensive character customization, including appearance, abilities, and skills. Players can also recruit companions throughout the game who have their own unique abilities and storylines.
  • Fire Emblem series: This tactical RPG series allows players to customize and create their own character, known as the "Avatar." Players can recruit and build relationships with other characters during battles, with the ability to marry certain characters and even recruit their children.
  • The Sims series: While not an RPG, The Sims franchise is well-known for allowing players to create and customize their own characters, also known as Sims. Additionally, players can create relationships and form households with other Sims in the game.
  • Divinity - Original Sin 2: This turn-based RPG allows players to create and customize their character from various races, classes, and abilities. Players can also recruit other characters to join their party, with each character having their own unique skills and backstories.

Remember to check the specific gameplay mechanics, system requirements, and available platforms for each game before making a purchase or starting to play.
2023-08-04 at 02:19

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