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Why are children under 18 allowed to play in films age-restricted to 18?

Question by Queen90 | 2012-05-27 at 14:47

Often, in horror movies or other films that are age restricted to 18 years, little children or young people who themselves are not yet 18 years old are playing.

How can that be? Why do children play in movies that they could not even see for theirselfes? I think, finally, you would like to watch the movie, in which you are playing, after the film shoot.

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In such productions, during the shoot, the children usually do not know, how the film will look like later. They are only playing all of the things, one has told them.

All of those terrible and horrible things, cannot be seen on the set and during the playing. That comes with the music, the compilation and the special effects, that are placed into the movie later. During the shoot, for the little child it looks just as if it was playing and since the act usually is not filmed chronologically, the child cannot follow and understand the real relationships between the scenes.

With this, at least the child is protected while shooting. Of course, what happens after that, you can not say. I think, many children will then still watch their works and in that case, maybe, they also know that everything was just playing and does not reflect reality (as it might be if the child would watch the film without having played).
2012-05-27 at 21:37

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If I had played in horror films as a child, I would invite all my friends to my 18th birthday and make a long video night with all of my films, I have never seen before. That would be funny!
2012-05-30 at 20:30

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I think, children can already distinguish between reality and spectacle. When children play under each other, there are indeed also some gruesome scenes. And when you play and before you have been to the mask and so on, you will certainly understand all of these things, even as a child.

But perhaps even psychologists are on the set, which are able to prepare the children properly for it.
2012-05-28 at 18:01

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