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Why do electric cars always look so strange?

Question by Baby3 | 2019-09-16 at 09:48

Why does almost every electrically powered car look that strange? No matter if I look at the advertisements for electric cars or various presentations in car magazines, I always first have the question in mind, why the designers do not seem to be able to produce a normal-looking electric car.

Sometimes those futuristic colors or shapes, sometimes the thing is even not looking like a car anymore. I would like to ask this question once in public today. Do you think so, too? And why is it not possible to just make an e-car that looks like a normal car?

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There are also enough electric cars available that actually look like a car. Since these cars do not stand out in the public streets because they do not differ from the other cars, only the strange-looking electric cars are noticeable.

I have two approaches to design inaccuracies: first, of course, the marketing departments are somehow trying to establish a kind of "new" product, so there should be a visible difference to the traditional cars. One should notice that it is something new.

And secondly, e-cars also offer other design approaches that are not possible with conventional cars. Much that consumes space in a gasoline or diesel car, is not there or otherwise placeable in an electric car: for example, the clutch and much of the mechanics and the engine itself consumes hardly any space. Therefore, of course, new spatial concepts arise that want to use this gained space more or less well.
2019-09-16 at 20:19

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