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Why is my Facebook always disabled?

Question by Chloe | 2019-08-23 at 10:14

I don't understand why my facebook was disabled again to again. And I don't think I broke Facebook community rules because I didn't do anything.

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Maybe you are using an email address that is banned by Facebook. Perhaps the address as such, perhaps the whole domain of your address. Or you have some other issues with your device.

I would try another email address and another device so that you can reset your bad reputation Facebook seems to have about you.
2019-08-23 at 18:25

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Thanks for your kind feedback.

It's very helpful for me with your answers.

Will you use Gmail to register new facebook? Or is there no problem with using other emails?

Thank you!
2019-08-30 at 09:28

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In general, you can use each mail provider you want. As Gmail is very common, I think, you will not have disadvantages with using it (provided your address is not banned).

However, also other mail providers should be okay. But as I cannot look inside Facebook, I don't know which domains can lead to problems. They will know from which providers the most spam is coming...
2019-08-30 at 15:34

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