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Why is wheat beer served in a high glass, other types of beer not?

Question by Guest | 10/02/2018 at 20:50

My question is already in the title: I wonder why it makes sense to serve different beers in different glasses.

Wheat beer (Weizenbier or Weißbier in Germany) is traditionally drunk in a very high and tall glass, other beers in smaller, deeper glasses. Does this make any sense or is it just a kind of agreement so that the waiter can distinguish the beers when ordering and delivering?


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In fact, the shape and nature of the glass has to do with the aroma and taste as well as its unfolding.

Wheat beer is served in a very high glass, so that the carbon dioxide has to take a long way through the beer and keeps the beer fresh and sparkling. This makes the special taste of wheat beer.

Depending on the type of beer, there are other glasses to support the special taste of the beer. In addition to the carbonic acid, this also includes, for example, how the beer comes up on the tongue and which taste buds are addressed accordingly, that is a theory in itself.

Surely, for taste and trappings, also the habituation plays a big role. So, a certain beer tastes best from the glass, from which you have always drunk it and you are used to.

Incidentally, drinking wheat beer from a bottle is not a good idea, because the nose also "smacks" and the smell through the bottle can not develop optimally to the nose.
11/02/2018 at 19:42

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